It can be difficult for women to make decisions using only reason and will. Women are more emotional, pay more attention to their feelings, and the technique of choice according to the female model has its own characteristics.

The essence of the technique of choice according to the female model is that you live through each of the possible options in turn and carefully examine your emotional reactions. It is perfectly normal that this method is perfect for many men: no one has canceled individual characteristics and habits. This technique is particularly suitable in cases where the choice is already a long time, the possible options have long been thought out, but it is still difficult to make a decision.

First stage

Fixing possible options

Think about the choices you have. Write each of them on a separate sheet of paper and lay in front of you. Watch yourself: Which one do you want to take first? Which is scary to take?

Second phase

We study each option and their reactions

Now imagine that the time of reflection is over, and the choice must be made right now. By the way, how do you feel about this?

Take one of the sheets of paper. Read what is written on it. Imagine that you have resolved all your doubts and have chosen the option that you hold in your hands. It is very important to imagine as clearly as possible that the decision has been made and there are no more doubts. Say out loud (preferably several times) that you have chosen. Stay in this state – go for it, do what you want and see what changes at the level of feelings and thoughts. Congratulate yourself on making the decision. What feelings have appeared? What are the sensations in the body? What do you think about? What do you want to do?

Imagine that several years have passed since you made your decision. Now you can see the consequences of your choice. How has your life changed? Do you like these changes? Perhaps there is something you now regret? Stay some time with your feelings.

To enhance the effect, go to the mirror and tell how you made this decision what doubts were there, why did you drop other options, what are you doing now, how has your life changed If there is a close person nearby who will treat your experiments with understanding and will be ready to help you share your solution with him. If you look at Hot Model Kira Christina then you will understand that this kind of models are actually chosen.

The third stage

Write the results

On the back of the sheet, record your observations. The main points of attention: Have you managed to imagine the consequences? Don’t draw conclusions yet, just record your observations. Do the same with the remaining options. That is, you repeat the second and third stages as many times as you have options.